A Mid-Year Check-In


It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.



It’s July and so we’re halfway through 2019. Soon Hallmark Card stores will be premiering their line of Christmas ornaments!


I thought of offering in this posting a review of the ten most important lessons I learned in 2018 with an eye on evaluating how they might help me navigate the rest of 2019.


However, as I reviewed my list, I realized there is really only one great lesson that I (and you) need to keep in mind through the remainder of this year.


And that tip?


“NO” doesn’t have to be the final answer.


Rejection doesn’t equate to the decimation of ideas, plans or dreams.


Throughout this year, I’ve been privy to the struggles of folks who have steadily plodded on until they reached their goals – even if, when reached, those goals looked differently from what they’d originally imagined.


Pat (name changed) is a comedy writer who came to LA from NYC with a TV writing gig. Within just months, the show folded and he was out of work and luck.

It was an unnerving time for him and his family. Do they return or not return to NYC?  Does he stick with comedy or play it safe? Pat had to face the reality that maybe he wouldn’t earn a living from writing funny words.


Pat decided to live his life “as if” he was employed as a comedy writer.


He set-up a schedule and committed to writing a certain number of jokes per day. He went on the rubber chicken circuit and submitted unsolicited jokes to late night shows.  He brought schmoozing to a whole new level. And he did all this in the face of bone-crushing doubt.


Today, you may very well be laughing at his late night jokes as he’s on staff with one of the late-night shows.


Five years ago my friend Melissa signed a contract with a major book publisher. Her first book was released April 2015. And it’s been re-launched in Canada with a new marketing push.


Hers was been a journey of more than twelve years. Twelve years of self-doubt, rejections and being faithful to the writing task.


Nancy contacted me several months ago. Among other things, she wanted to hire me for her company’s annual retreat; however, I was booked that weekend.

Last week she called again, wondering if by chance my weekend had opened up. Turns out, it had freed up as previous clients canceled their event.


Each of these people encountered “no’s” that had the ring of finality to them.


Yet, each person decided that “No” would not be the ultimate arbiter of reality.


Have you come up against any “No’s” in 2019?

Have plans and goals for 2019 been met with a NO?  

What can you do to gain traction on your goal beyond the NO?



Do you want to learn how to confidently live your life without letting other people’s NO derail your goals?

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