I grew up in a home of storytellers. My mother. My two grandmothers. My three aunts. Larger-than-life women who could spin a soap opera from observations that even Sherlock would have missed.

Then there were those years I lived in the South Pacific on an island that seemed to float in the middle of nowhere. Chuuk – a land of song, dance and legend. While sipping coconuts I experienced how words create reality.

My talks and presentations spotlight issues at the heart of business leadership and fulfillment. And I do it all without nary a PowerPoint slide!

Here is a sampling of titles I’ve presented to groups ranging from 8 to 800:

  1. Creating Trust – What Makes The Best Pros Best
  2. Staying Sane When People Are Driving You Crazy
  3. Introducing Change While Lowering Resistance
  4. What Island Life Taught Me About Life and Business
  5. How To Take the “Scary” Out Of Fear
  6. Making Confidence Simple
  7. Men Are Not From Mars and Women Are Not From Venus
  8. Lies We Whisper To Ourselves – And How They Trip Us Up
  9. RBF – And Other Non-Verbal Curses

Watch the video clip to get a sense of me in action and then contact me to learn how I can engage your people with story, exercise and insight.