Saying YES! To Good Surprises

The other day a friend of mine surprised me with a generous gift. For a host of reasons, I find it difficult to accept gifts – especially generous and unexpected ones.

My instinct was to politely, firmly turn down the gift – to run from it like it was some alien, toxic matter! But I also instinctively knew that was not the right thing to do, that kindness should not be rejected.

And so with a note of thanks I accepted the gift.

In turn, my friend wrote back:

This is all part of my renewed pledge not to starve at life’s banquet. I’m on my 3rd day of 4 hours’ sleep working on a project with no end in sight, so I’m taking my joy where I can.

I’ve decided that nothing will stand in the way of celebrating what deserves to be celebrated – achievement, fellowship, friendship and love. All the time and at every opportunity.

I’m going to be a card-carrying member of the 47 percent and I’m entitled to be happy and make and share that happiness.

“Bon Courage” for the day to us all––every day.

I think we all would do well to follow my friend’s example.

What and who can you celebrate this week?

Bon courage to you this week!